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Prabhas gave 75lakhs and no one knows it, Karthi the Tamil hero reveals

Prabhas, Karthi, Cuddalore, Prabhas Donation, Saaho.

Prabhas the Rebel Star is now the International star after what he made with the BAAHUBALI movie. The film has got enormous status for this hero and he got lot appraisal. Now in recent times hero Karthi revealed about Prabhas and his super kindness too.

The interesting point here is that Karthi said Prabhas donated 75 lakhs for the massive cyclone at Cuddalore fund raiser started by him in Tamil Nadu months back" No one knows he gave that much of money. We used the funds specially of him to serve the kids in government schools and needy. Prabhas was a informed about how the funds were used from his money.

Prabhas is expected to join the sets of Saaho soon in Dubai. These kind of gestures give good feel to Prabhas fans for sure.

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Prabhas, Karthi, Cuddalore, Prabhas Donation, Saaho.

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