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HELLO movie is the script that deals in a single Day? Big experiment ahead?

Nagarjuna, Vikram, Akhil, Hello.

The latest teaser of the film HELLO has got some stunning and interesting action sequences out of it and show casing that Akhil might be seen in the play that happened in a single day story.

As the costumes by Akhil in the teaser are seen with same single black T shirt wore by Akhil where in he has got no other dress in the Teaser. Might be Vikram wrote an interesting thriller drama love story with single day running, Or a bigger Action sequence was cut off through the teaser.

Any way the close sources are here stating out that Vikram gave the wonderful script and it is surely going to hit the Bull's eye for this movie. Akhil and Nagarjuna are already planning for big time promotions of this film Hello.

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Nagarjuna, Vikram, Akhil, Hello.

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