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" Power Star fans don’t want Nandi awards , We have got International awards for our service " Pawan fans argument o #Nandi Awards

Nandiawards, Pawan KalyanLondon, Pawan Kalyan, Pawanawards

Hero, Janasena chief, Power Star Pawan Kalyan has got the new IEBF award recently. The hero fans are already on cloud nine for this achievement. The award was given by 'The Indo European Business Forum (IEBF) Excellence Award for the year 2017.

Kalyan was in House of lords at London and received in recently. He visited few places too before he took this award. Power Star also met few people at his Janasena office in London. The new issue of Nandi awards which is hurting Pawan fans as he never received one has got a new argument from them now. "

Our fans never wanted such Nandi awards which people feel like 'Pampakalu' for Current Ruling party. Our hero has the best one here. The London people invited him and gave the International award. We are more than happy with this" a fan said.

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Nandiawards, Pawan KalyanLondon, Pawan Kalyan, Pawanawards

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