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Better they call them Nandamuri Awards rather than Nandi awards

Nandamuri awards, Nandi awrads, Nandamuri Balakrishna, NTR.

Every one knows Balakrishna Nandamuri the MLA of Hindupur constituency in AP got the power to his hands when things are related to issues of Andhra Pradesh government. Now the sources said Balayya is deeply involve into Jury Committee issues where total 9 awards for LEGEND movie were given including Best actor for Balayya, Best director for Boyapati and Best film for Legend.

Legend movie is a pure masala content while winning commercial success is ok. Everyone knows the relation between Boyapati Srinu and Chandrababu, Balayya as well. Though Manam did not get top award Legend surpassed Manam. For 2015 awards too Master NTR, Harikrishnas grand son Late Nandamuri Janaki Ram's son got best child actor for ' Daana Veera Soora Karna ' at Best children film category and best child actor too.

Bahubali though won 15 more awards in the various categories everyone knows how Rajamouli is close to CBN. Now Prabhas got sidelined from Nandi’s totally for his best work. In year 2016, NTR Jr was given Best Actor award for Nannaku Prematho. So clearly it shows the interest of CBN and Balayya went huge thus these are to be called Nandamuri awards rather than Nandi awards.

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Nandamuri awards, Nandi awrads, Nandamuri Balakrishna, NTR.

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