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Shriya Saran adn Aravind Swami so close after Naragasooran film. Affair going on?

Shriya Saran, Aravind Swami, Narasagooran, Shriya saran.

Aravind Swami is now the busy star being Villain and Character artist getting good positive outcome for his performance in Bogan, Thani Oruva and other movies. The actor gave stunning performance as Siddarth Abhimanyu where it caught everyone’s attention. He is stirring of few films with good roles now.

The actor is playing lead role in Naragasooran which has Shriya Saran as well. Sundeep Kishan and INdrajith will be seen beside this Star Villain. The film is under shoot and they wrapped Ooty schedule recently. The Madras film sources are spreading out news that there is nice off screen chemistry between Shriya and Aravind even after the completion of shoot.

" They both are spending some personal time together and making out dinners and Lunches as well. Aravind Swami and Shriya have got few pics together too where Tamil Media is stating they both might bring some sensational news soon. Aravind married 2 times already in his life.

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Shriya Saran, Aravind Swami, Narasagooran, Shriya saran.

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