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Nagarjuna to give voice over for HELLO movie

RGV, Hello, Nagarjuna, Akhil.

The new film of hero Akkineni Akhil has got some interesting story and Vikram Kumar is taking this for a wonderful way. The latest news here is that Nagarjuna is going to give voice over for this Love sag.

Nagarjuna is already done with the Dubbing at Annapurna Studios and he might be giving out a Voice over for the starting of film. Also for the Film's teaser his voice has been lended by the team. The news is yet to be official. The movie is already having good Hype after they titled it HELLO.

December 22nd is the release date fixed for this movie where in Nagarjuna and Team HELLO will start the promotions from December first week. Nagarjuna is currently working on Ram Gopal Varma's script.

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RGV, Hello, Nagarjuna, Akhil.

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