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India vs Newzealand Final T20 to be canceled this evening at Tiruvananthapuram because of Rain

India, Newzealand, Australia, t20.

The final and deciding T20 match between India and Newzealand is supposed to be starting this evening at Thiruvananthapuram.The match has got some interesting moments today as Kerala after 3 years is bringing a cricket match over here.

Thriruvananthapuram is now under pounded rain especially at central part of the Greenfield International Stadium’s ground under the covers. India and New Zealand stayed indoors.

The sources and weather reports are stating out that the match may not be started by the evening at any condition In the previous series between India and Australia, the final match in Hyderabad was cancelled because of this untimely rain only. KCR officials stated they are fully prepared by cant say on rain.

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India, Newzealand, Australia, t20.

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