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Pawan Kalyan's PSPK25 title announcement on November 7th!

PSPK25, Aganathavasi, Firstlook PSPPK25firstlook.

After Pawan Kalyan birthday there is not official release regarding the movie PSPK25 as of now. Pawan fans are so much eager and trending names on social media to at least release out the title details of this movie.

The buzz is out to our website that November 7th will be the title and first look release date of this movie. Trivikram Srinivas and the team are currently under plans to bring in the First Look design on best output. Fans are now eagerly waiting for this movie title and FL.

Agnathavasi is said to be reported as title of this movie as of now but an official declaration is much needed. The overseas schedule is pending for the team who are flowing to EUROPE really soon to complete that.

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PSPK25, Aganathavasi, Firstlook PSPPK25firstlook.

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