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45 year old TABU not happy with MARRIAGE questions in Bollywood

Tabu, Bollywood, Newmarriage, Ajaydevagan.

There is Salman Khan the superstar in Bollywood who did not have a marriage yet eve at his elder age. Now none other than Tabu from Telugu is another women in Mumbai who is getting the question "When is your marriage" all the time now.

Down South there is a speculation out that Nagarjuna might be the one reason why Tabu is unmarried now. But in Bollywood Kajol's husband, Hero Ajay Devagan is pulled into the issue of Tabu now. The actress said she is not happy and fedup with the same question everyone is asking.

She said her hope is people stop questioning her on her age, marriage, and her comeback into films. Her age is 45 years now and she stated that she has been into films since 3 and hal decades.

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Tabu, Bollywood, Newmarriage, Ajaydevagan.

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