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VIJAY VS MODI, #MERSAL VS MOD I, What is all this story about! BJP leader’s against Tamilnadu?

Mersal,Vijay,Modi, #ModivsMersal, #MersalvsModi.

The controversy between Mersal movie makers, supporters, hero Vijay supporter’s vs Modi supporters, BJP supporters is going so viral all the way. The film has got Vijay's Dialogues on GST and Digital India which took the irk of BJP and National government.

Though there is a right for everyone to criticize the system and the loopholes of it now BJP leaders are going serious on Vijay. They were seen exhibiting their outburst criticizing the film and Vijay.

They want to ban the film or at least remove the dialogues out of the film which are against to Government. Fans and movie lovers are so viral on BJP Leaders and they started trending #Modi vs Mersal on twitter. BJP leaders should have such a shame to stop citizens from asking questions out of the foolish decision made by Prime Minister.

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Mersal,Vijay,Modi, #ModivsMersal, #MersalvsModi.

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