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Pawan Kalyan Ex Wife Renu Desai writes Poems in name of RAY NU

RenuDesai, Pawan Kalyan, Poem, Raynu.

Renu Desai the EX wife of Power Star Pawan Kalyan is leading her happy life with two children Adhya and Akira Nandan now. The Telugu Media is showcasing her 3rd aspect marriage in deep ideas where there has gone a war too between Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan fans.

Now the actress is spending her time to be poetess and showing how great can be with it. She started writing the poems in the name of RAY NU and she is spending her times in Dance shows as well.

Now the new ballad from her is that She is like the moon... even on her brightest full night, half of her, is still hidden away... . - Ray Nu The above one is the sample from the actress where the intense description of such a write up will be loved by readers for sure.

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RenuDesai, Pawan Kalyan, Poem, Raynu.

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