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Aamir Khan says “Robo sequel was first asked for me by Shankar”

Aamirkhan, Secretsuperstar, Rajinikanth, Shankar.

The film Robo 2 aka 2.0 from Shankar and Rajini is all the way talk of the town even before 4 months for the release of it. The making videos and interesting getups in the movie are giving out a gaga all the way.

Director Shankar is supposed to complete the film earlier but it went so late and postponed. Akshay Kumar is playing baddie in the movie while Amy Jackson is the female lead. Robo 2 was said to be the film for Aamir khan himself.

Aamir khan in his recent interview explained that Shankar once asked him for the sequel of Robo 2 and he got the script too " I read it thoroughly and got decided that this movie can only be made by Rajinikanth and i suggested the same to Shankar sir " Aamir said in a promotional interview for his Secret Superstar movie.

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Aamirkhan, Secretsuperstar, Rajinikanth, Shankar.

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