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Will Akira Nandan be Jr NTR ? Like how Nandamuri's treated NTR, Akira will be treated by Konidela ?

AKirannandan, NTR, Konidela, Nandamuri

We have already seen the photos of Pawan Kalyan with his newly born son, The couple Anna Lezhnova and Pawan Kalyan gave birth to their new kid after daughter Polena.

Pawan fans are expecting a good name for the little kid while there is a point going viral on social media that what about Akira Anand and his relation with Mega family/Konidela people. JrNTR who born to Hari Krishna was treated not good in the initial stages of his life.

Once he got super hero with great films he was recognized by Chandrababu or Balakrishna or others, there is a doubt for Pawan Kalyan fans that will Akira Nandan be treated like the same in the Mega compound as Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan are not together anymore?

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AKirannandan, NTR, Konidela, Nandamuri

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