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Awesome Climax planned by Teja Dharma for NTR Biopic, Balaya impressed

Tejadharma, NTR Biopic, Balakrishna, Climax, Movie.

Balakrishna Nandamuri is quite serious about his father's biopic anytime soon. The hero is all interested to put in an bigger arena for the BIOPIC - SR NTR which can have heavy name too.

But the interesting point here is that Balakrishna himself looked into the script written by Dharma Teja where in the climax point is a positive one to deal with. NTR Biopic's final episode will be like NTR getting back power from Nadendla Bhaskar Rao who got back stabbed by him in the pre climax.

The film is going to deal with the NTR's Childhood scenes in Nimmakuru to Teenage scenes in the same place. After the climax the film will show case his death and other things in lighter vein. But Teja Dharma is interested for a pretty big climax like this.

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Tejadharma, NTR Biopic, Balakrishna, Climax, Movie.

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