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Top heroine is a Drug don?

Mamta Kulkarni, Vicky Goswami, Drug Rocket, Kenya.

Mamta Kulkarni the beautiful heroine of past times is now yet again in the news with the India's biggest ever drug racket and even media got surprised by this. She has already set to receive a red corner notice soon by the Indian intelligence people and interpol About 10 people are already arrested in this scam as of now and she was got suspected as one of the primary reasons for the drug scam that got caused.

Vicky Goswami the husband of Mamtha was having lot of links with international drug mafia from years and now she was added to the list on the count if accusation. She also had her names of the cases of drugs, smuggling and maintaining network with the drug related people. Drug enforcement officials in USA said her husband Goswami and she made some main and gaint drug mafia in the country by meeting out people in Kenya who are main reason for all this.

They also setup a factory in Mombasa for smuggling drugs to countries like India and USA.

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Mamta Kulkarni, Vicky Goswami, Drug Rocket, Kenya.

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