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Kattappa reveals Kabali release date

Rajinikanth, Kabali, Kabali Movie, Jackson Durai, Satyaraj.

Super star Rajinikanth's new release Kabali is under discussion everywhere on the range. The movie is all set for release in July month and the fans are not happy because of the no announcement on release date.

Fans and movie unit, distributors have lot of expectations on this movie but the producers are irritating them with the worst plan for release, This movie was earlier supposed to be released in June but it was postponed to July 1st and now the same date has not expectations to release yet. Fans are not happy with the release date of  this movie which was not also confirmed on July 1st.

The confirmation is coming out in a way that producers of Jackson Durai starring Kattappa - Satyaraj in the lead role is releasing on July 1st so there would be no chance for any other movie to get release along with Kabali - Rajinikanth movie.

So this is now stating that Kabali is not going to be released soon enough. Our strong sources revealed that July 17th is the new date for Kabali.

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Rajinikanth, Kabali, Kabali Movie, Jackson Durai, Satyaraj.

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