2 States Telugu remake is Off-track with director’s shoddy acts..!

A blockbuster in Bollywood, 2 states starred by Arjun Kapoor and Alia bhatt is being remade by the debutant director Venkat reddy in telugu. Adavi Sesh and Jeevitha Rajasekhar were roped for lead roles in this romantic drama.Even its launch took place sometime ago, the film’s shoot is kept on hold now. The debutant director Venkat Reddy’s lack of clarity, tawdry acts towards scripts made the technicians to walk out from the project.

The film’s Cinematographer Shannie deol, top editor naive Nooli and three assistant directors walked out from this project. As all of them were miffed with the director’s behaviour who was not bothered to respect the cast and crew has made them to take this decision. Even Venkat reddy had no inbound script and he used to penning the episodes on the sets just before the shoot has created a series of disturbances between him and other technicians. Let’s hope the things may go right way soon and the movie happens smoothly!