Mahesh Kathi vs Pawan Kalyan trended #TV9Cursetothesociety, #Bantv9forbettersociety on twitter

The issue between Kathi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans has been the bigger discussion. TV9 and ABN channels are being the big time discussions to bring in such debates and raising the bar for this kind of things.

Now the Twitter people and social media people are so serious on this and they are currently not happy with TV9 and they started trending #TV9CurseToTheSociety #BanTv9ForBetterSociety kind of trends on twitter. This is a debate going on for Twitter where both trended India wide.

Not only Pawan Kalyan fans but also other hero fans participated in this issue. Last night Mahaa news compromised the situation between Mahesh Kathi and Kalyan fans so TV9 TRP going to be down from today? Let’s see

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