A Single Telugu letter shivering worldwide APPLE Users full story of ఙ్ఞా

Nothing can be as stunning as this news because the world famous APPLE phone is digging out problems because of a single Telugu letter. Nothing can be more surprising here that one Telugu character (ఙ్ఞా)crashing Apple’s apps.

Apple company is currently working on the same to fix this bug as early as possible. South Indian language Telugu Typing or receiving a message that contains the letter causes apps such as Gmail, Instagram or WhatsApp to crash.

Right when the symbol shows up in notifications iPhones, Ipads, Apple watches and TVs are getting stunning issues within few seconds. Anyone sent a message including the letter has been advised to delete the entire thread.  The word is creating ruckus on all social media platforms.

The posts of people who are posting this letter are getting deleted their posts under the spam thing. Everyone who uses Telugu language to speak and express their views are facing the same issue. Especially if someone is using the Telugu font to express their feelings the Facebook and twitter are deleting their words. Meanwhile Apple did not give any reasonable answer to their update and did not find solution to this bug yet.

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