Sachin Tendulkar Jealous of Rahul Dravid over U19 World Cup win?

Cricket God of India Sachin Tendulkar is now the brand ambassador for the India’s entire cricket. The other day’s huge victory from Boys of India, Boys in blue was cleared out by Sachin Tendulkar as he gave credit for the sports infrastructure in this country. The U-19 cricket team in the world cup added the boys in Blue stood out as wonderful champions.

” I give this credit to BCCI for giving them a great infrastructure in the last 15 years Playing cricket was so un tough and they are having good results now. Fielding norms were also changed. I am saying happily that Indian cricket should have great future ” Sachin exclaimed.

Looks like Sachin did not take a single word on Rahul Dravid and it is raising out questions that Sachin might be the one who is feeling jealous of India U19 world cup winning Coach Rahul Dravid.

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