Indian Football Team Captain Sunil Chetri wins Tollywood stars’ hearts

Captain of national football team Bengaluru Football Club, Sunil Chetri has recently posted a video through his official Twitter handle requesting all the sports lovers across the country to support his team.

“You might love other football teams and might even be their fan for long time. But please come to the stadium and watch our game. Trolling on Twitter is not fun. Come to the stadium! Scream at us! Shout at us! Abuse us! We might change you one day. You might start supporting us! Please take time to come and watch our game at the stadium,” pleaded Sunil Chetri.

The Indian Football Team captain has not only got the support but made everyone quite emotional with the video. His video got response from stars across the country and Tollywood is in no exception. Rajamouli, Varun Tej, Harish Shankar and many other stars replied to Sunil Chetri’s tweet and assured their support.

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