He forced me to do sex with his own brother, Shami’s wife Haseen Jahan slashes

We have been reporting about the Cricketer Mohammed Shami’s wife Haseen Jahan Domestic abuse case all the time. The way Police are taking the things is so serious and stunning at the same time. She stated to the Kolkata police that Shami used to send his brother with this woman and forced her to do sex with him.

“He used to send his own brother into our bedroom and he will always misbehave with me asking to go do sex with him. He pointed at me as Model and stated this is all so common for him” he stated in her complaint. He always used to abuse her and hit her hard. He always used to take her name as Second married woman and will be putting her into troubles.

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” I tried to convince him that he should accept his mistake, I have been trying since very long. He would’ve run away to UP by now if I did not catch hold of that mobile phone, he would’ve divorced me till now if I did not have the mobile phone” stated Mohammed Shami’s wife Haseen Jahan.

She also stated that he’s making up all sorts of things to save himself from allegations. Why didn’t the media investigate even after I gave them all details. Till the day I took to social media, I tried to convince him to save our marriage. If he tries to come back I may still consider.