2 Countries Review: Sunil yet again bags a plop film

Director N Shankar who made few controversial films like Jai Bolo Telangana and Bhadrachalam, Jayam Manadera is now back with a Malayalam movie Two Countries remake with hero Sunil. Sunil who is in much need of a Hit film is back into the arena with the same title of Malayalam as 2 Countries. The trailer got a mixed response from the audience where the movie is in theatres today. Let’s see how it went.

Lead Cast: Allu Sirish, Manisha Raj and others
Director: Shankar
Music Director: Gopi Sunder
Producer: Shankar

Sunil will be left on Road of USA by his own wife where he starts explaining the flashback to a stranger (Prudhvi) Ullas ( Sunil ) belongs to Venkatapuram, lives on borrowing money from Patel (Sayaji Shinde), Laya ( Manisha Raj ) and Ullas ( Sunil ) are childhood friends. NRI Laya, when reminded about the childhood, starts liking Ullas. Later they get married. The heroine is Liquor addict and has few bad habits as well. There comes issues between the couple and movie explains how they came out of the quarrels.

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The production values were given top-notch preference and movie looks too rich. Songs picturisation is good. The second half is the heart of the film. A routine climax was given but a perfect end to the story is a positive point.

Sunil carried the entire film on his shoulders.

Director Shankar took some very old story from Malayalam and ruined the narration. An uninteresting storytelling will annoy the viewers. Comedy and dialogues couldn’t generate any laughter. A lot of scenes were lacking minimum knowledge of Logics. The script itself was poorly written and poorly adapted to Telugu drama. Director Shankar put all his worth but he failed miserably in execution.

Finally, On the whole the film 2 Countries are giving another plop in the bag of Sunil this movie did not work at any place except climax. Sentiment scenes and songs were well done but couldn’t save the film. A bad first half, slight better 2nd half is what this film offers. As story demands, half of the film was shot in the USA but not great scenes were covered for sure. Not Recommendable.

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