Rangula Ratnam Review – Raj Tarun’s plop saga continues

Lead Cast: Raj Tarun, Chitra Shukla and others
Director: Sreranjini
Music Director: Sricharan Pakala
Producer: Nagarjuna

Easy going guy Raj Tarun – Vishnu is having lot of bondage with his mother Sithara. After a bigger tragedy hits his life he has only single love for his life Chitra Shukla – Keerthi. Keerthi is a perfectionist and she wants anything to be perfect. However possessiveness and over care annoys Vishnu a lot. There comes the split between two and it shows how they both are going to get back into their back love stage once again. The later movie discusses about the love and conflict solution between both of them.

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Raj Tarun did best for Vishnu role especially in mother sentiment scenes.

Sitara is too good as mother, Shukla is ok,

Priyadarshi steals the show as hero’s friend.

First half is heavy sentiment while second half has comedy from Priyadarshi is main plus for the film.

Different concept.

Rangula Ratnam Review – Raj Tarun’s plop saga continues

Slow narration
Poor screenplay
Over dose of sentiment
Poor songs on screen
Poor production values

The film Rangula Ratnam is one of the poor scripts for Raj Tarun. The movie has got no greater moment to watch for other than Priyadarshi that too for few minute in the second half. Over dose of sentiment and heroine’s over love annoys us in all ways. First half is very slow where second half is just Okay. The equal boring film along with other films for the Sankranthi. Family audience might love this considering the sentiment scenes but that was also over dosed. Youth are not going to get connected anyway. Raj Thrun’s plop saga continues with Rangula Ratnam. Sankranthi Season might give little numbers but this is not a film which everyone will be remembering.

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