Ram Charan and Sukumar’s Rangasthalam movie Review

Rangasthalam 1985 Starring Mega power star RAM CHARAN, Samantha directed by Sukumar has got some interesting insights here. The movie’s trailer and all the things worked so good already where in distributors too are minting some good amounts. Rangasthalam has Sukumar as bigger positive point, His movie has got bigger gap after Nannaku Prematho.

Sukumar fans and Telugu movie lovers especially on the Overseas are going so excited now. Overseas numbers are going to be minted on great juncture now. Promotions too are going on grand way. Social media is too much excited for the film. Twitter, Facebook users are pulling their various ways after the songs and characters of the movie. Instagram users are taking their best for the Songs and doing all the promotions on it.

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Already songs and trailer got good response from Mega fans and movie lovers. Ram Charan will be seen as Chitti Babu in the film and Samantha seen as Rama Lakshmi in the movie. Jagapati Babu, Prakesh Raj, Anasuya and Aadi seen in other leading charterers in the film. This is pure masala film in Sukumar style of making

Lead Cast: Ram Charan, Samantha, Aadi and others
Director: Sukumar
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: Mythri Movie Makers

The movies discusses all about the Story that gone in the Village named RANGASTHALAM. It was a village where Political rivalries and Justice for people are under big threat. Chittu Babu is the one who Deaf but will be a active guy in the village. He falls in Love with Rama Lakshmi who is one of the beautiful girls in the Village. Story starts off where Jagapathi Babu the Antagonist and Aadi Pinisetty brother of Chittu babu go for a quarrel and Rangasthalam turns as Ranasthalam in no time.

Chittu Babu loves his brother a lot and he is ready to do anything for him. The story later on deals with how the Political issues between Aadi, Jagapathi Babu and Prakash Raj quite improved or deprived.

Ram Charan’s performance can be said major highlight for the film, In the character of Chittu Babu Charan just nailed everything. He was too good and perfect for this role. He put all the heart in it and made the audience so connected to this Character. Sukumar tailored the role of Chittu Babu in such a prolific way that Audience will be deeply attached with the role.

SAFE SIGNS:  Samantha too worked so superb in Rama Lakshmi role. Others were good as well. Sukumar’s screenplay is major point of the film. Especially during the climax parts Sukumar just made the things so positive and work out for the movie. Though first half has some dull moments once the main story begun the film went on crazy.

Jagapathi Babu, Prakash Raj, Aadi Pinisetty have got great characters. Devi Sri Prasad’s music is wonderful particularly the BGM worked on greater nods. Being the Village background that too at 1985 Background music has become some interesting nod for this movie.

Cinematography from Rathnavelu is a special mention, particularly in the songs and Action sequences. Dialogues too were a connecting to audience

Slow screenplay at times is bigger minus to the movie where in Long Run time too was not so positive point. Though this is a Mass film there is zero fun and comedy which might feel dull for the audience. Over violence too is not a great thing to watch out for. Story is too routine and boring one. Screenplay of Sukku mark is NOT seen all the time which is a big minus.

Considerably, RANGASTHALAM is one typical Sukumark Sukku mark movie. The film has best moments and dull moments as well. Especially the Climax part is heart of the movie. The story’s intertwine but change at a rapid pace that may confuse the audience in the first viewing, but a few viewings are highly suggested to get a better understanding. Rathnavelu’s stunning visuals to sell the scope and harsh 80s Lifestyle.

The camerawork of Velu makes us feel that we’re there right alongside these people. Devi Sri Prasad’s soundtrack helped the movie to become a dramatic, frightening, tense and horrific picture. On the whole Rangasthalam is yet another Critical Acclaim from Sukumar for which the CLIMAX will be discussed as case study for Future film makers. Slow narration, Long run time might bore you at times but that’s the interesting touch of Sukumar this time with Performances and character writing. Might not bring 81crore – Break even amount to be a commercial. Go watch it with some patience and you will have a wonderful movie in your mind for a life time.

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