Nikhil Kirrak Party Movie Review

Nikhil is known for his good films right from the days of Happy days. The films like Karthikeya, Swami Rara, and others took his range to another level for his peculiar kind of selecting the scripts and going whatever he loves. The new movie Kirrak Party was a remake of Kannada and let’s see how the film did for this young hero. The trailer looked interesting as well.

Lead Cast: Nikhil Siddharth, Simran Pareenja, Samyuktha Hegde and others
Director: Sharan Koppisetty
Music Director: B. Ajaneesh Loknath
Producer: Anil Sunkara

The movie starts with the way hero introduces us to the college of his. The movie goes on with the introduction of various batches and groups in the same college. Nikhil will be seen loving the girl Meera-Simran where he will get a warning from Seniors for the same. Nikhil takes the bit from Seniors and will have issues with them. Suddenly the comedy scenes go away and seriousness comes into the film because of this girl.

In the second half, The hero will be entering into final year and there goes fights more in the college. The issues between Mechanical, Civil, Computers are portrayed too good. Nikhil gets Samyuktha a new girl into his life again and the movie goes with interesting twists.

Nikhil can be said bigger positive for this film. The director Sharan Koppisetty concentrated much on heroes characterization and it was shown with a good difference.

Samyuktha and Simran did their good.

Song taking is of next level.

Comedy scenes were too good.

Fights were also handled well.

College life was shown well.

The bigger negative of this movie is the screenplay, Slow storytelling will annoy the movie lovers. The director involved other directors like Chandoo, Sudheer Varma for the dialogues and screenplay which made the dish so bad because of Lot chefs. Now the dish needs to be well taken with the screenplay and it failed. The drags in Second half are not at all great. Love track too was not that much great.

OverallĀ Kirrak Party can’t be as big as Happy days so go with lower expectations. If one expects a Happy days kind of feel and film this movie is not your cup of tea. The director gave good look for Nikhil and the hero too did his best. But the families might not show much interest in it. The movie will be one-time serious watch for Youth as they might be got connected with the college days but when it comes to the normal audience we have to wait and see.

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