Needi Naadi Okate Katha – Exclusive review first on internet

After the kind of trailer teaser the film Needi Nadi Oke Katha has showcased the makers the film has got some interesting insights into all the possible ways. Vishnu the true star has showcased his best. This created some interest for the normal audience to enter into theaters.

Story and Positives:

The film opens up with the Life of an Engineering student – VISHNU the drama between Father and Son is taken on new lines. The Father-Son duo goes into the deeper layers of the career and other things. Meanwhile, Vishnu raises his standard from student range to a frustrated employee. The single thread goes on and on with interestingly related issues between Hero Vishnu and audience in different moods. The dialogues, Sri Vishnu’s performance, the Considerably greater thread between Hero and Son can be said the big-time positive thing for this movie. This is a Sentimental and honest attempt by a director. This movie is surely going to touch with its performance and storyline. However commercially this sentimental, preachy, single thread film may have a very limited scope because of its genre. Fake image vs True personality of a guy was showcased so well.


No commercial plots to deal with. Fun was limited through the director has a lot of space. The writing went little confusion and preserving in many possible ways. Debutante writer Director Venu got the credit story too but the frustration levels were showed a little bit on over mode. The masses and families might not be got attracted to this kind of venture at all…

On a Whole:

On a whole, the movie Needi Naadi Oke Katha has got some interesting insights with honest and superb attempt by the director Venu Udagala. The director portrayed the scenes such that every Engineering student will go connected at any kind of cost. The single thread with a lot of emotional scenes and ultimate climax makes this movie a Superb watch for the weekend. Dialogues about life are brilliantly written and heart touching. This is a worth watch movie for the weekend for all the movie lovers.

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