Kalyan Ram MLA movie Review

The film MLA-Manchi Lakshanalu Unna Abbayi starring Kalyan Ram and Kajal got released with some decent interesting hype. The movie combination of Kalyan ram and Kajal happened many years back for Lakshmi Kalyanam movie. Kalyan ram and Kajal debuted into their career of the movie with that film under Teja direction and after many years they both are working together on this project. Let’s see how the film went.

Story and Positives:

Kalyan Ram and Kajal Agarwal meet each other on various moments and finally joins in the same office. Posani is Boss for them wherein there will be issues between Gadappa and Kalyan ram which is the reason for the BET he posed with Kajal Agarwal. The love issues comest into between regarding the First half of the movie. Kajal Agarwal’s father Jayaprakash Reddy’s family has some serious desire of making himself as MLA. He was unable to make it happen. Kajal crosses path with Gadappa-Ravi Kishan because he loves Kalyan Ram. But for Jayaprakash Ravi Kiran is the one who can become MLA. So now the movies go into Challenge mode in the second half. The movie goes online of Child labor with some comedy ingredient in everything. The movie reminds both Sreenu Vaitla and Koratala Siva for the first and second half respectively.

The story of the film is very predictable and so normal which we will see every Friday, The songs too got misplaced the things in its own way. Misplaced the songs director failed in it. Second half surely tests the patience of Movie lovers with its very predictable plot. The film has got laughs in the first half but in second half nothing got gifted to the audience.

The film MLA-Manchi Lakshanalu Unna Abbayi was a routine fare and if you are absolutely bored you can have it watch for one Single time. Not more than that this film won’t work in any great way for sure. The film has the routine story with fun here and there. The team should be given the best applause for bringing in the serious Child labor issue to the big screen and talking about it.

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