Exclusive: Review of Ravi Teja Touch Chesi Chudu

Mass Maharaj Raviteja is currently in good form. After his decent comeback movie Raja The Great, the new film Touch Chesi Chudu impressed with its trailer. Raja the great has become some interesting comeback for Ravi where his energy levels turned into comedy range on a greater note. With some decent songs and promo, let’s see how the movie Touch Chesi Chudu went in theatres.


Karthikeya is Industrialist life in Pondicherry goes in love for Rashi Khanna-Pooja wherein she rejects his marriage proposal. Later on, as the times passes she comebacks to him knowing his real character. Raviteja ‘s flashback will be lead in Hyderabad as he is a Cop over there. He will be taking care of Hyderabad city as ACP were he meets Lala gang to destroy them. The rest of the story goes on how Raviteja goes to Pondicherry leave all his means in Hyderabad. And what kind of role does Seerath Kapoor plays in his flashback. Raviteja’s superb energy is the bigger asset for this movie. Raviteja as ACP did his stylish performance where director Sirikonda too posted wonderful elevations and buildup shots in all possible ways. Raviteja’s dialogues and satire were too good. Rashi Khanna looked super hot. Manisharma’s background music is another bigger asset. Vikram handled fights well especially in the second half the story goes in a positive mood for sure.


The movie goes with so predictable screenplay and boring moments. Director Sirikonda took some old routine story and did not give a great treatment to it. Seerath Kapoor is another minus point. The climax is a bigger letdown. Though second half has good highlight moments of fights and all first half lacks any interest totally. Director Sirikonda would have written some gripping screenplay and it can make out a great output. Raviteja’s energy is not fully used by the director. Comedy is what everyone expects from Raviteja movie and the main element is missing here.


On the whole, the movie Touch Chesi Chudu is not a great visual treat for the audience as they would expect some fun in Raviteja’s film. Just like for a Rajinikanth film there are over buildup shots and Elevations without a proper connecting point. Vikram’s poor dealing with Story and Screenplay is clearly shown on screen. Though Ravi gave his best director is unable to grab it properly. Not near to Raja the great, this movie might not give entertainment to the audience but it will surely test their patience. At the box office too this might not be a remembered fare for Ravi and Vikram.



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