Exclusive Naga Shourya’s Chalo REVIEW

Naga Shourya is one interesting hero with good talent and poor scripts in his hand with not great backing as well. Naga Shourya is currently in poor form but his Chalo movie trailer and promos gave some interest for the movie lovers for sure. The Megastar range promotions and pre-release events made some positive outcome for this hero. Let’s see how it went now.

Story and Positives:

Tiruppuram is a place where it lies at the border of Andhra and Tamil Nadu. There is a sure quarrel between both groups at this place. Shourya enters this area as a student and falls in love with a Tamil girl. The later on consequences turn out as hero mistook the heroine as Telugu girl but she is Tamilian. The final story is where Shourya wants to conclude the issues between two groups to success his love. Comedy is a bigger asset for this movie as director tried his best to give a good refreshing feel as well. Naga Shourya and Rashmika did their best to handle the odds with the decent chemistry. Comedy scenes with Satya in the first half are so hilarious where the second half was dealt by Vennela Kishore. interval bang also went well and cinematography was good.

Second half starts on a dull note which is a bigger negative. Vennela Kishore scenes were limited too much. Director did not have the proper grip in the second half and totally lost it in the climax. Songs are not great on screen. Seriousness and logics got missed here and there.


On a whole, the movie Chalo is a great entertaining saga and a directors film. The way team handled the story is too well with a lot of comedy ingredients in it. The best comedy entertainer in the recent times. Satya and Vennela Kishore took the movie to next level and the climax is a bigger letdown. Surely a director’s film and Shourya’s decent hit saga begins now. Considering that Touch Chesi Chudu will run in mass centers this movie might have a great opportunity to be blockbuster in A class centers.


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