EXCLUSIVE-First on the internet: Ram Gopal Varma Mia Malkova’s God Sex Truth Review

The new video/short film from Ram Gopal Varma titled GST-God Sex Truth has become bigger controversy all the way for this country. India’s one of the ace and most top director Ram Gopal Varma making a video with Mia Malkova kind of sexual porn star is not a small thing. Right from Media houses to female-oriented parties now everyone is against Ramu for making this happen. So the video has not been supposed to be out considering the India rules, So Ramu here used the loopholes and made this video from various sources of united states.

How the Short Film/ Video :

Actress MIA MALKOV is the only character in this short film where this is said to be a Philosophical treatise of her giving out lot details about Sex, God, and Truth, Mia right from the video will be seen NUDE without any clothes and explains about sex and other things of her life. Mia Malkova was seen in a room bathroom outside the room and in sofas of that particular area. All parts of her private are exposed so clearly. Ramu even showed the actress in masturbation mode to exposing each and every part of her body.

On another side, the quotes regarding SEX among the world have been declared on the flash part of the video. Mia explains where did Sex started and where it has approached as of now. Mia looked so seducing and so cool in the same mode. She was seen telling a lot of new things about Sex god and lot other things. Ram Gopal Varma’s style of slow-motion shots and long pauses are totally included in this video. There is no much creativity required for this kind of Treatise so Mia as use better to the same. Ramu’s own style of Porn video is now going viral on Social media.

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