Deadpool 2 Review: Dark, Fun-Filled Family Entertainer

Yes, you read the headline right! But please do not misunderstand and watch it with your kids as it is too dark for the children to handle. Mr. Deadpool coined the word family entertainer and you will know his reason by the time you are done watching the movie. The fun filled, dark entertainer has hit the screens across India today and let’s see whether the most awaited sequel lived upto the expectations.

Cast and crew:
Starring: Ryan Renolds, Josh Brolin
Production: Marvel Entertainment
Direction: David Leitch

After gangsters kill his girl friend Vanessa, Wade Wilson (Deadpool) tries to commit suicide by blowing himself up. After many failed attempts he joins X-Men and comes to know about a kid-mutant named Russell. Then it turns out to be a mission for Deadpool to save Russell from Cable, the man from future who tries to kill the young mutant.

Why Cable wants to kill Russell and whether Deadpool saves him from the bad guys is all about the remaining part.

Ryan Reynolds yet again amazes with his exceptional timing and holds the audiences’ attention in each and every scene. His witty dialogues are what everyone would expect and he has done complete justice to the character. Josh Brolin lives in the role of Cable and is quite dark and also funny at times.

Technical Aspects:
Visuals are captivating and the background score is lit. Editing is crisp. Though the film has a duration of 2 hours it gets dragged in some places as there is no engaging plot line. Screenplay scores big and holds attention right from the start. Production values of Marvel Entertainment were never disappointing. David Leitch once again proves his mettle by delivering a dark and humorous flick.



Lead cast


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Background score


Weak plotline

Too dark in places

APNC Verdict:
Deadpool 2 is one film you would love to watch with friends and your partner and enjoy till the end. Ryan Reynolds once again steals the show with his exceptional portrayal of Deadpool. If you ignore the dark scenes and weak plot line you would end up loving Deadpool 2. Be careful and do not watch it with children.

Rating: 3.5/5

Final Word: Deadpool 2 – Dark Fun Filled Entertainer

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