Balakrishna’s Jai Simha Movie Review

The film JAI SIMHA starring Balakrishna Nandamuri and Nayanatara is all set for the release today. The movie has no great expectations as the director KS Ravi Kumar or hero Balayya are in deep disaster lines but Agnyaathavaasi movie flop saga is giving out a mode and chance for Balakrishna to run all the way for Sankranthi season HERO.

The last year he grabbed in Gautamiputra Satakarni blockbuster competing with Khaidi No 150 this year too Balakrishna is focusing on a decent hit. The trailer and songs got average response but the concept of Kid sentiment and Nayanatara sentiment might work great for Balayya this time. Looks like Balakrishna fans are super excited for this movie and 6.30 am shows are ready for this movie . Nayanatara as usually was not seen anywhere for the promotions of this movie. Nayan generally don’t get involved and encourages the promotions of a film. The actress makes a deal during Jai Simha film signing only about the same.

So Balakrishna solely is going the interviews and giving out answers his own way. About 39 crores pre release business is done for this film where in director KS Ravikumar is having lot of confidence on this script. AP Government already allowed 5 shows to this movie until the festival season.

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Lead Cast: Balakrishna, Nayanthara, Haripriya and others
Director: KS Ravi Kumar
Music Director: Anirudh Ravichander
Producer: Chitranjan Bhatt

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Jai Simha Movie Review and Live updates

Story and Analysis

Narasimha along with his son goes to Kumbhakonam of Tamilnadu gets settled without any wife and family .He joins the Devotee trustee of temples in that town and he works for those people. He quarrels with local ACP regarding Brahmin’s protest and he goes to know later that Nayanatara is the wife of this ACP guy. Knowing this he will be trying to escape from the city because he don’t want to face Nayanatara. There comes interval bang where Balayya confused over twin sons of his and wants to save one of them.

There Balayya understands that Nayanatar ais also have same kid as he has. Then comes an interesting flash back where Naynatara and Balayya are close friends since childhood and want to get married soon. Prakash raj father of Naynatara dont want to give his daughter to a Rowdy kind of guy who fights with everyone in the society. Balayya to avoid Nayanatara marry Ganga – Hari Priya his mechanic shop girl. Later Naynatara will quit form his life and gets married to some other guy. Later on story turns how the twins came out to be same where they are sons of Balayya and Nayanatara separately.

Balakrishna’s performance and Nayanatara’s performance can be said one bigger asset for this movie. Emotional dialouges andd things like attitude of Balaya worked so good. Especially when the scenes are with Kid and fights with kid Balayya just nailed the Character. Nandamuri Balakrishna’s mark dialogues were not seen but few things went good from KS Ravikumar. Nayanatara is extraordinary in her role. Beinga Mother and Love for Balayya’s life She did her best . Other actors like Prakash Raj were just ok. Interval bang is the one to watch for where the twist over there looks interesting.

Negatives :
The old story put in a new wine is bigger negative for this movie. Villains look so weak where the multiple people didn’t create a proper impact. Movie goes so predictable in the first half. Though Nayanatara did well Ravi kumar failed to show case her and her character in high range. Climax scenes are so weak and very routine. Balakrishna’s Sankranthi venture was not properly displayed at all in Dialogues.

APNC Verdict

On a whole Jai Simha is a powerful action drama with flaws in it. With an old and routine story the screenplay is better and entertainment is good. The chemistry between Balayya and Nayanatara worked big time . Director surely failed to handle balayya like Boyapati does but Interval bang is what you all have to wait for. Balakrishna’s attitude , powerful dialogues were missing in the entire film. Kid sentiment and Sentiment with nayanatara is great. Break even is 27 crores needed and this movie can make lesser than 23crores only . If K S Ravikumar concentrated proper on Jai Simha’s last 40 minutes the discussion would have been of other range.

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