Bhaagamathie-Baahubali Anushka’s new venture releases, Check the exclusive Review

Starring Anushka Shetty in the lead role the film Bhaagamathie is one of the most awaited and expected films in the recent times. Right after Baahubali, this is the movie the Devasena aka Anushka will be seen at. Anushka’s screen presence and box office stamina are too good wherein the female-oriented film Bhaagamathie has got the interesting trailer and grand release too by the makers. Movie is expected to create some good magic at the box office let’s see how it went.

Bhaagamathie is the story of a betrayed woman. Chanchala-Anushka is interrogated by CBI to frame honest minister Eswar Prasad in the theft case of antiques. IAS Chanchala will be working as the secretary at Minister in the previous times. The ruling party tries to rame a that on Minister Eswar who is trying to go against his own party wherein Chanchala will be jailed. Later on, police wanted to send her to Bhaagamathie bungalow which is a famous terror one in the recent times. They feel that the culprit is going to answer the questions after the fear in the bungalow. Bhaagamathie bungalow has the history of huge killings and horror as well.

The movie goes with the exact juncture with a great twist regarding Bhaagmathie character and Chanchala IAS. The post story discusses the exact life of Bhaagamathie and other issues. Also, the Chanchala’s life history leads the movie to climax after she was shifted to hospital and meets the minister in that hospital.

Bhaagamathie has the bigger asset in Anushka all the way. The actress is best in her terms Bhaagamathie bungalow and the horror over there with artwork is another positive concept. The first half of the movie is so boring and not engaging at all.

Anushka Shetty’s Bhaagamathie role has some good shouting and terror but the reason behind Bhaagamathie’s anger is not so great. Director did not focus much on another girl Chanchala’s background story as he focused on Bhaagamathie style. Anushka too looks little chubby which is not so positive in any which way. The story loses the grip at times and especially in second half director did not focus much on horror scenes at all. The background music and Sounding did not get great visuals at all. Most awaited Bhaagamathie horror scenes are not so surprising for sure.

On the whole, movie is just a one time watch. Anushka’s performance along with BGM work and Sounding can be said bigger positives for the movie. Bhaagamathie needs to have a lot of thrills and horror but it purely failed in delivering the same. The movie has unfolded with a predictable climax as well. Baahubali stream of it’s did not help Anushka fora positive outcome Production values from UV Creations are ok. Considering there is the free market now, Bhaagamathie might go with below average revenue at the box office nothing more than that.

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