Akhil’s Hello Telugu Movie Review

After the poor debut from Akkineni Lad Akhil the father of Akhil Nagarjuna made out HELLO with some unique and lovely story to deal with. Along with a competition from Nani’s MCA Hello got into theatres now and lets see how it went.

Lead Cast: Akhil Akkineni, Kalyani Priyadarshan and others
Director: Vikram Kumar
Music Director: Anup Rubens
Producer: Nagarjuna

The movie Hello revolves around the Love story of a young couple. The two friends who fix themselves to be with each other in their childhood goes off because of parents factors. After many years they will be waiting for each other. One day the Lead couple would meet but without any idea that whom they are in search of for.

The twists and turns go off that way where hero knows about the Hero’s childhood and realises she is the one for whom he has been waiting for. Meanwhile comes the Villain Ajay with a mobile mafia background and movie ends on a note combining both the situations.

HELLO movie has major factor as Vikram Kumar’s screenplay and Stunt scenes.

Hero Akhil for his second film gave his best right from action to dances for sure.

Heroine Kalyani Priyadarshan is ultimately cutest.

Rest cast and crew were ok.

Vikram Kumar dealt few scenes with utmost emotion and a dilemma of parents sentimental scenes worked big time.

The story is of ages and one can easily understand what is happening in the next scene. Predictable plot is a bigger negative for this movie where stunt scenes have some improper logics to deal with. Director Vikram focused a lot on Akhil rather than show cashing Heroine and Hero both on good frames. Mass people are surely not going to enjoy this Classy urban love story. Anupu Rubens background music is not so great. Almost 35 minute were wasted in Childhood flashback with 55 mins screen presence from Akhil is limited.

Finally, Akhil Akkineni has happened in the name of Hello where Vikram Kumar managed to bring best but flat narration annoys you. Visually this film grabs full marks. Stunt scenes, Akhil – Heroine Chemistry, Sentimental scenes, Akhil’s dance in songs are the worthy things to watch in this movie. With a very old story poured in new bottle, Vikram might not post yet another MANAM but Hello is OKAY one of its own kind. A decent watch for this weekend with your family and friends. Revenue depends on how B, C centres are going to look at this film.

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