YSRCP Seniors are unhappy with Prashanth Kishore?

Looks like the boiling rice of YSRCP party of the coming election is being cooked by the single person and that particular person is the reason for ruining it?

The sources from YSRCP stated that Jagan Mohan Reddy quietly decided to bring in Prashanth Kishore a few months back targeting the elections of 2019 and the Prashanth Team is backing Jagan now not great. Now the few senior leaders of YSRCP are not at all happy with the attitude of Prashanth and they are backing out in all ways.

Prashanth team is not allowing leaders of YSRCP not even to deal with Seniors of the party and take advices from them. The announcement of poll promises to all the issue regarding how a candidate should be picked from a particular place is decided by Prashanth and this is not at all a happy thing for Jagan Mohan Reddy’s future.

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