Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s CHAPPAL gone missing and Security created Jeopardy!

If it’s a leader everything will be a jeopardy for the people around him. But here its none other than Vice president Mr. Venkaiah Naidu where his missing sandals/chappals too a tizzy for the men of security besides him.

Naidu was at BJP MP Pc Mohan’s home for the breakfast and he left the slippers outside. He later on got to know that one of the sandals has gone missing where in the total security went in to search where was it. The police sources were also on to it and declared it cant be found in lesser time.

BJP leaders said one of their workers, who was also wearing a similar pair of same chappal has got miss took the other and walked away with naidu’s foot wear. But the way security men gone into worry is big time highlight at this incident as the onlookers thought there gone a bomb detection in the house.

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