TV9 Big News Big Debate – Roja abuses Bandla Ganesh and gets the same in return

In today’s Big News Big Debate of TV9 Channel there gone a debate about the heirs of Indian political system. Where Bandla Ganesh and Roja were the famous people out of the show. After discussing about various points under this category Roja spoke to the 4 others in the studio and posted her feelings about Pawan Kalyan who came into cinema industry with name of Chiranjeevi and he should not comment and Varasatwa Rajakeeyalu.

She used some harsh words to Bandal Ganesh and he even replied i harsh way. ” Are you getting girls to sleep for Pawan kalyan? ” she shouted at Bandla Ganesh and immediately he replied that” Yes i am doing come i will get you too for him” this video of both shouting on each other with abusive words went online with viral with in minutes.

Lets see if Roja or Bandla Ganesh are going to file case on each other regarding this. News reader Rajinikanth interfered and stopped the arguments and abusive words.

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