Telugu Maha Sabhalu poster has become a Laughing stock now for KCR

We have been reporting timely update about World Telugu Conference that got scheduled in Hyderabad from December 15th where the poster setup over there welcoming Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao has become one Laughing stock all the way.

Organizers took Telugu words good but for the English words they made a terrible mistake. Honorable, as the prefix for the Chief Minister. Whereas, Something like ‘Habi’bli’ doesn’t even exist in Telugu. They tried to write Honorable in Telugu and they have gone with HABIBI.

There is no such prefix in Telugu and this is irking the onlookers with a funny mistake to grab out for. One of such posters could be seen near the Lal Bahadur Stadium and lot other places in Hyderabad as of now.

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