Telangana Assembly: 2 Congress MLA’s suspended after doing nonsense in the house

The Telangana Assembly issue has been into a bad norm the other day. Congresspeople put off their Headphones off and TRS took this as serious now. They managed to take disciplinary actions against the Congresspeople who worked on bad note over there.

Harish Rao brought in the pledge of Suspending Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and Sampath Kumar from the House and Assembly got voted for it to keep them away. Speaker too went serious on how Congresspeople behaved in the House.

He stated that no one else than Congress never behaved like this in last 4 years of his Speaker regime. Speaker Madhusudhana Chari stated that the punishment they were given is so less for what they did.

Harish Later on responded and he stated about the Suspension of other MLAs also along with Janareddy, G Chinna Reddy, Uttam Kumar Reddy, DK Aruna, Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, N Padmavathi, T Ram Mohan Reddy, Vamsi Chand Reddy, Madhava Reddy until the session is done.

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