TDP Thammullu VERY SERIOUS on Balakrishna, What’s wrong!

Recently the issue between NDA and TDP has changed to the next level. TDP leaders are possibly throwing their negative derogatory remarks on Modi currently… The way TDP leaders are talking about Balakrishna their own leader is also not so interesting.

They have been putting out some internal negative comments on Balakrishna that he is not even fighting for status and not supporting the TDP during the No confidence motion against MODI. Balakrishna’s fans and TDP leaders always want to see how the Balayya involves the CORE issues of Tdp thins and he should at least fight for the people like his father does.

But he is not even seen in media these days on a proper note and he is not even caring to give a thing about Special status. On the other hand, Chandrababu and MPs of Telugu are so working hard .. for AP Special Status…

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