TDP MLA Vangalapudi Anitha requests CM to cancel her TTD Appointment

From the day when the news came out as TDP Payakaraopeta MLA Vangalapudi Anitha appointed as TTD member, many politicians and religious heads opposed this move by TDP as she her self-admitted that she belongs to a non-Hindu religion in an interview given to VANITHA channel.

Taking this interview as proof people and certain groups started trolling her and also TDP members committee who appointed her as a member of TTD board. Facing the heat by many sections the lady MLA herself sent a Request Letter to AP CM Chandrababu Naidu to remove her from this post as she did not like creating unnecessary controversy and embarrass the CM and the government.

In her letter she also added “I am extremely grateful to you for nominating me as member, TTD. Being a Hindu, I am blessed to have been given an opportunity to serve Lord Venkateswara,” she said. She reiterated that she was a Hindu belonging to a scheduled caste and is a devotee of Lord Venkateswara. “I have visited Tirumala several times and offered prayers,” she said.

This is definitely a wise move by the MLA.

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