TDP Master Plan to STOP Pawan Kalyan with help of TV9, Kathi Mahesh?

Telugu Desam Party maintains good relations with channels like Tv9, ABN Andhra Jyothi, and few others. Also on another side, Pawan Kalyan is the very close acquaintance of TDP party in turn for TV9 and ABN but these two channels, in particular, are creating the ruckus on the issue of Kathi Mahesh and always pulling Mahesh into the arena before the 2019 election.

Mahesh Kathi vs Pawan Kalyan and his fans have been a greater long issue that got discussed all the way in Telugu states. Now Kathi Mahesh has become main TRP provider for TV9 and ABN channels.

Though people are bored of this episodes new issues got raised against Pawan the other day too. Here comes the main source news that TDP to stubborn Pawan for 2019 elections is using its own media and Kathi Mahesh against to Pawan Kalyan?

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