TDP loosing grip in Vijayawada politics, Leaders coming out!

The ruling party Telugu Desam In Andhra Pradesh looks like loosing its too tight grip on Vijayawada politics gradually. The Kamma leaders are said to be showing their interest towards YSR Congress party in lot many ways.

The future of Party is not seen properly in this region while TDP President and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is not promising great on the future of State especially in Vijayawada the leaders are showing serious concern on YSRCP.

The sources said famous leader Former Vijayawada East MLA Yalamanchali Ravi Son of Yalamanchili Nageshwar Rao has decided to quit TDP and want to join YSRCP along with his followers as well. He wants the seat for Vijayawada in next election from YSRCP but not by TDP at all. This is still under discussions.

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