They are targeting me from past 6-8 Months: Pawan Kalyan with his Fans

May be you can call as Pawan Kalyan fans or Janasainiks came in a large number and waited outside at Hyderabad Janasena office from the morning. Pawan Kalyan who came to know this came out and had a long chat with them for almost an hour regarding the ongoing issue and requested them not to loose patience, He is ready for a long run legal fight against all those who are attacking him and dragging unnecessarily. Pawan also stated to fans that media are targeting him from past 6-8 Months.

Yesterday at the film chamber Pawan Kalyan fans who blasted and damaged ABN vehicle are taken into custody by the police as per the complaint given by the channel heads. He also told that he spoke with the police and even they are helpless to do anything immediately and so trying level best.

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Fans who spoke with Pawan Kalyan in front of Party office showed their love and respect on him and revealed that they are just waiting for his permission and are ready to do anything. Pawan requested them not to react here after and went inside.

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