Tamil Nadu: Pictures of Police Firing during Sterlite Protest, A Petrifying Sight!

Tamil Nadu’s Sterlite Protest is now talk of the town as the incident is what making discussions across the country. Police firing during the protest killed 11 and left many injured.

Many of those who participated in the protest took pictures of the terrifying moments that would send chills down the spine. Few pictures of cops standing on top of their vehicles and shooting at people like professional snipers show the tragedy that took place in Thoothukudi.

Though TamilNadu Chief Minister Palaniswami announced compensation for the dead and injured the police action speaks how brutal the government officials can get incase of a common man. Few of them chased the protesters and thrashed them with laathi like local thugs while few climbed their vehicles and started shooting at people like commandos shooting the terrorists.

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Several star heroes, opposition leaders and biggies shared the petrifying pictures of the protest and slammed the police and government officials for their ruthless act.

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