Super Star Rajinikanth facing same problems of Pawan Kalyan and Janasena

We have seen the new declaration of Super Star Rajinikanth who stated that he is going to form a Political party soon and he has the chance to do it soon. The party is under construction where he is getting some initial hiccups as well.

Rajinikanth’s problems are so similar to that of Pawan Kalyan and his Political Jansena party. Rajinikanth newly gave out a press not that no one should consider the opinion of any of his fans. He clarified that those opinions necessarily do not represent that of the party‚Äôs. He clear cut posted that he himself is the main authority and representative of the party in all means and ways.

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The same kind of order came from Pawan Kalyan few months back where lot of fans irked Kalyan with their own knowledge and declaration. Rajinikanth as in news once he posed his interest to start a new party.

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