Sonia Gandhi planned to be Prime Minister: Sharad Pawar sensation

National Congress party NCP chief Sharad Pawar currently made some sensational comments on AICC Cheif Sonia Gandhi, It’s not new for Congresspeople to praise the range of Sonia stating she never wanted to be CM or PM of any state here comes the shocking fact from Sharad Pawar that he says she wanted to Become PM in 1999.

Sharad Pawar’s statements give a completely different picture of what Congres always boasts about their leader. Sharad Pawar revealed in a recent interview that he quit Congress in 1999 because the then Congress president Sonia Gandhi showed her selfishness “it’s that time when Atal Bihari Vajpayee government got downtrodden and it lots being collapsed.

Now Manmohan was everyone’s choice but Sonia Gandhi showed her interest to be prime minister of the country ” stated Pawar in his recent interview. Then after that idea of her Pawar states, he decided to quit Congress party.

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