Somu Veerraaju says ” CBN’s Corruption needs BIG BULDOZER ” to bring out the facts

Somu Veerraaju today at Vijayawada took the lash at Chandrababu Naidu and posted his serious comments on Chandrababu Naidu and the party of TDP. He stated that Chandrababu is the big time cheat and Corrupted politician of the country.

Patti Seema, Polavaram, and everything have been discussed at this meet and Somu stated that the corrupted CM of Andhra Pradesh is annoying the people of Ap in all possible ways. “Patti Seema has its own problems and Mechanism .. Why even the expenses are 1120 crores they are showing it as 1660 crores ? ” stated Somu Veerraaju .. “Special way has got 1400 crores expenses why no one is answering on it.

Pump set cost is 340 crores and its a bigger joke. Canel got attached wherein 817 crores have spent for the same. Just for a Lorry that sent 24 pumps and Sand, they mapped 4lakh rupees for that” he lashed at TDP. “To bring out all the Corruption that TDP is doing a Big Bulldozer is needed ” Somu stated.

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