Shame on Andhra Pradesh government forcing Hinduthwa, Kathi Mahesh fires

Kathi Mahesh is known for his attitude and comments towards Pawan Kalyan where in he is the one pulling out each and every leg of Pawan Kalyan without any concern at all. Now the same guy the self acclaimed critic is posting his serious words on Andhra Pradesh government.

Now the top he took here is of New year celebrations in Temples of Andhra Pradesh. Government of AP stated out that No new year celeb should be done in AP temples because it doesn’t need to follow International calendar as we have Telugu calendar and Ugadi is already on cards next year.

This took Mahesh to irk and he stated out that this is shame on AP government who are forcing people to follow Hindu traditions in all its way. ” Chandrababu government is going to face the charges from AP people soon. Looks like Amaravathi is what he wants international one and he is so foolish to stop New year celebrations in name of Hinduthwa politics ” Mahesh Kathti fired.

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